Defending the Second Amendment

Charlie Geren has long led the legislature’s efforts to defend the Second Amendment and allow open carry. He’s one of Texas’ strongest Second Amendment supporters because he knows it is excellent public policy. In fact, as our state has more strongly protected the Second Amendment, crime and murder rates have dropped dramatically.

Charlie voted to forbid the state from engaging in the enforcement of federal regulations of firearms. He co-sponsored related legislation to permit college and university students to carry concealed weapons in the name of campus security. And he voted to reduce the time required to obtain a concealed-carry permit in Texas. Charlie also lowered the License-To-Carry fee to the lowest cost in the nation – a great step toward getting rid of the fee altogether.

As you would expect, Charlie is A-rated and endorsed by the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association.


Protecting innocent life

Charlie Geren has always been a faithful defender of the unborn. In 2011, he sponsored the bill that requires sonograms be performed before abortion procedures. Two years later, Charlie supported the ban on abortion in Texas after twenty weeks of gestation, and increased medical and licensing requirements for abortion providers.

Rocked by the recent Planned Parenthood scandal, Charlie stepped up to solve the problem in the recent session and led the way to some major pro-life achievements, including:

  • Stopping tax funds from reaching Planned Parenthood
  • Banning dismemberment abortions
  • Stopping the sale of human body parts
  • Banning late term and partial birth abortions

Charlie is endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life and LifePAC.


Devising property tax relief

Charlie Geren was one of the key supporters of the last major property tax cuts. But now, tax appraisals are higher than ever before. Charlie has been a leading advocate for lower taxes at the state level, and now he is pushing for tax limits on local government, too.

Recently, Governor Greg Abbott asked Charlie Geren, a leading champion for lower taxes, to join him in Tarrant County to announce​ ​new legislation to stop rapidly escalating local​ ​property taxes. Working together, Charlie and Governor Abbott’s efforts will:

  • Install a new property tax revenue cap each year to stop skyrocketing property taxes
  • Require mandatory voter approval by election for any proposed increase beyond the new cap
  • Eliminate all unfunded mandates – so the state no longer shifts costs onto cities and homeowners
  • Reform appraisal systems to prevent unfair home valuations
  • Ensure proper state funding for our schools, which will significantly lower the burden on local homeowners and help our kids receive a great education

You can be sure Charlie will continue to be a strong voice for property tax relief, and will work closely with our governor to get it done.


Lowering state taxes

While other states raised taxes, Charlie Geren has kept Texas focused on lowering ours. Three different times, he has successfully pushed for historic tax cuts that have helped our state remain a world economic powerhouse. But Charlie is much more than just a supporter of tax cuts—he’s the guy who can be depended on to make the deal happen. He’s legendary in Austin for being able to get squabbling factions together and pass tax cuts that help Texas families. For example, in the latest session, Charlie saved a $5 billion tax cut by hammering out an agreement between the House and Senate. Five billion—that’s more than the entire state budget of Vermont! And he has accomplished all this while balancing every state budget.

Now, local property taxes are skyrocketing around the state and causing homeowners real headaches. Getting a handle on this issue is Charlie’s top priority for the next session.


Creating good local jobs

Charlie Geren’s incessant tax cutting, and his efforts to eliminate the red tape and unnecessary regulations that hinder our businesses, has helped make Texas a top job creator. He’s also worked hard to create more great jobs right here in our district. He passed a bill that made Texas a top contender among states competing for large data center projects. As a result, Facebook picked Fort Worth over 219 other cities as the location for its fifth data center worldwide. Facebook’s Fort Worth Data Center brings in billions of dollars in capital investment, creates local jobs, and send more revenue to state and local governments.


Stopping illegal immigration

From 2011 until 2017, 228,000 criminal illegal aliens committed 606,000 crimes: 1,223 murders, 6,516 sexual offenses, 72,628 drug offenses, 17,451 burglaries, and more than 736 kidnappings. A former U.S. Deputy Marshal himself, Geren has made it his mission to make the border more secure. He recently passed the bill that adds more law enforcement along the border, and led the effort to ban “sanctuary cities” that had sprung up in Democrat-dominated parts of the state. These cities ignore our immigration laws and “catch and release” dangerous criminals. Charlie successfully wrote and passed the ban through the Legislature and onto Gov. Abbott’s desk for signing. The next day, Senator Ted Cruz, in his news release to the nation, specially commended Charlie for passing the ban. Now a liberal activist judge has held up the ban, but Charlie is working hard to ensure it is fully implemented.


Building better roads and infrastructure

As a result of the conservative policies implemented by legislators like Charlie Geren, companies and people are moving to Texas in droves. Charlie understands that a rapidly-growing state like Texas requires excellent roads and infrastructure, and will support projects that help make this happen without raising taxes.


Protecting private property

Charlie Geren is a strong supporter of private property rights. Putting words into action, he recently passed legislation to end forced annexation and remove eminent domain authority from private companies. He will never allow the government to take that which is rightfully ours.


Strengthening our schools

Charlie Geren believes the best investment we can make is in our children. That’s why he restored nearly $5 billion in funds that were cut from our schools. He added $695 million to TRS-Care to help educators pay for health care. He also significantly cut STAAR tests, and enhanced local control over schools so we can ensure our kids get a great education.


Reforming school finance

Charlie Geren believes the best way to give our children an outstanding education is to keep our tax dollars in our local schools. The problematic “Robin Hood” method of school finance, however, often keeps that from happening. In the next session, Charlie will propose reforming school finance by eliminating Robin Hood, keeping local tax dollars in our local schools, and ensuring they have the necessary resources to give our kids the education they deserve.


Upholding Christian conservative values

As our Republican State Representative, Charlie Geren always fights for our values. In fact, he’s worked hard to transform Texas into a state that’s a conservative model for the whole country. He’s done it by cutting taxes, creating a pro-business environment, and supporting our schools. He defended our religious liberties. He is ‘A’ rated and endorsed by the NRA, and is 100% pro-life. With Charlie, we’ll always have a strong conservative voice in Austin. What does a Christian conservative legislator look like? A lot like Charlie Geren.